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Did I miss something? 😉

The WordPress Reader has a couple of neato search tools — including “followed sites”. I just decided to follow (yes, it exists)… and decided to search for First I searched the regular WordPress Reader search tool, and I found many subdomains (of course), so then I decided to search my followed sites (since I had just followed it) — and this is what I saw (sorry, I’m not on my own computer right now — which explains a lot of weird stuff, e.g. M$ Edge browser 😯 ):

Why doesn’t doesn’t show up at the top? Because (I’m guessing) WP Designers want me to follow more blogs… Always? Forever?

To be fair: below the “recommendations” list shown above is the actual “followed sites” list — in a section separated be a “Show more” button (which if you are foolish enough to click on will actually remove the list of followed sites and replace it with a longer list of recommended sites). In other words, I had to enter “design” a second time to actually get to the SERP I wanted to see (already) the first time after I entered my search query:

Is this good or bad, excellent or failed, or whatever, design?

PS: If I had opened my eyes and actually read the text in the box at the top of the “Manage Followed Sites” page, I might have been more (or less?) clear on what I was doing when I typed “design” and pressed the Enter key: